Webcam Ice Palace "Alau" in the city Astana Kazakhstan

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About webcam "Ice Palace "Alau"" in the city Astana

Modern Astana is a planned city, such as Islamabad in Pakistan, Brasilia in Brazil, Canberra in Australia and Washington, DC, in the United States. After Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan, the city radically changed its shape. The master plan of Astana was developed by the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. As the location of the Government of Kazakhstan, Astana is the seat of the House of Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Presidential Palace of Ak Orda and numerous government departments and agencies. It is home to many futuristic buildings, hotels and skyscrapers. In Astana, there are also extensive health, sports and education systems. Astana is located in central Kazakhstan on the Ishim River in a very flat, semi-arid steppe region that covers most of the country. This is at 51 ° 10 'north latitude and 71 ° 26' east longitude. The city covers 722.0 square kilometers (278.8 square miles). The height of Astana is 347 m (1,138 ft) above sea level. Astana is located in a spacious steppe landscape, in the transition zone between the north of Kazakhstan and an extremely thinly truncated national center, because of the Ishim River. Older areas lie north of the river, and new areas are located south of Ishim. Be sure to look at the local attraction Ice Palace "Alau", which is directed to the lens of the web camera. video is available 24 hours a day and is available online for free.

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