Webcam View of the tram depot in the city Hannover

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About webcam "View of the tram depot" in the city Hannover

The tram depot in Hannover is absolutely not the same thing, that in our country, the infrastructure of the facility has peculiarities that are hard not to notice with a detailed study of the object. Not everyone is allowed to enter freely the territory of the object, but the interest never goes away and even growing, if you deny to appear on the site. To satisfy user interest, the property depot, it was decided to establish on site web camera which would clock in real-time broadcast in the network picture. The user only need to connect a computer or phone to the Internet, the quality of which will depend on the quality of presentation of the picture. After the end of the day on the territory of the object is stopped and supply of power, it becomes a cause of deterioration of visibility in the video, the stream is available to anyone, regardless of their geographic location.