Webcam Ice skating rink at VDNKH in the city Moscow

Веб камера Ледовый каток на ВДНХ

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About webcam "Ice skating rink at VDNKH" in the city Moscow

In Moscow, enough attractions that interest tourists from different countries, but apart from the monuments it boasts plenty of entertainment. One of the most in-demand and popular with locals and visitors is the ice skating rink at ENEA. Here daily dozens of people to spend fun time with friends, exercise or just keep busy in your free time. Especially brightly it becomes nightfall, the entire area is equipped with lights and lighting that do not just transform it and turn it into a real story. Early to see the ice rink it was impossible, if not personally come here, but now enjoy the spectacle you can, not leaving the house enough to have a computer and connection to the Internet. Web camera mounted in front of the rink works round the clock in real time, therefore, all that is happening in the picture broadcast by the device, it is happening now. Even if you ever imagined how does the rink after dark, you will be surprised that even your imagination was not so rich as this place is enriched with vivid colours. Web camera allows you to observe the work of the rink and the people staying here at any time convenient for you. Webcam installed so as to give the maximum amount of useful information about the described object. If you've never been on the rink of this magnitude, but I dream about it, now you have the opportunity to assess the capabilities of well-maintained grounds without getting up.

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