Webcam Komsomol Park in the city Pyatigorsk Russia

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About webcam "Komsomol Park" in the city Pyatigorsk

On the territory of Pyatigorsk, as in any other city there is a Park where people come to relax, to enjoy Hiking. The Park is well equipped for the needs of tourists and infrastructure, in addition to shops and gardens on site wide paving paths for local residents and a wide area, which occasionally hosts cultural events. The city administration has tried to make it so that people in the Park felt comfortable and could qualitatively for myself to relax. To Internet users, without losing free time, forces and means were able to enjoy views of the Komsomol Park of Pyatigorsk, the decision was made over the area of the Park to install a web camera stream which enters the network around the clock. The position of the device is chosen so that the camera lens is maximally covered object, not just revealing to the spectator its advantages, but also giving much useful information about it. The webcam works without a break, the stream is fed into the grid during the day, to watch the video you can not spending funds for absolutely free, regardless of what in the world you are now. To view the described object, it is sufficient to have a connection to the Internet and the device receiving the video signal. You can broaden your own knowledge about this object if you activate the video device located at an altitude of bird flight, which opens the view on the Komsomol Park. The lens of the camera covers the entrance to the Park and access road, not uncommon here, the locals on the roadside leave your vehicle, video allows you to monitor the integrity of the vehicle and gives a lot of useful information about the coverage area. The picture is clear, the stream is fed into the grid without interruption if the user has a good connection.

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