Webcam The border crossing point "Kalanchak" in the city Kherson Ukraine

Веб камера Пограничный пункт пропуска

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About webcam "The border crossing point "Kalanchak"" in the city Kherson

The border checkpoint "Kalanchak" is a territory on the border of two countries where people can go back and forth between neighboring countries. Since the term "checkpoint" implies the passage between countries and the control exercised over it, it always requires the provision of documents and a brief interview with a border official to confirm that the crossing is legal. The nature of the procedures at the border checkpoint varies depending on the countries on both sides. As a rule, border checkpoints of this type are designed for driving a vehicle and pedestrian traffic through a number of stations, staffed by border officers. On the road there are several lanes to choose from, which avoids bottlenecks at the border, and the lanes are further divided for use by citizens who travel back, by transport companies and so on. Today, the border point is broadcast via a web camera lens. You can see what is happening in real time around the clock.

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