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In 1799, Matthew Flinders landed on the peninsula and named the place a Red Rock, in honor of the flowers in the rocks. In 1823, the peninsula was chosen as the site of the first correctional colony of Queensland, but by 1825 the prisoners were moved further along the Brisbane River to avoid mosquitoes and resistance to local natives. Radcliffe was once a small seaside town 40 km north of Brisbane. Park Apex Park & ​​Bicentennial Park Woody Point was built by reclamation of land along the coast in the 1970s. The listed monuments at Woody Point, including the Woody-Poin Memorial Hall along the Esplanade of Horníbrook are today considered to be one of the main attractions. This review camera on the waterfront Woody Point - a great opportunity to see the object in real time. It is available to anyone who has a connection to the Internet. Current repairs in the area include the construction of multi-storey apartment buildings overlooking Bramble Bay, Moreton Bay, Port Brisbane and the Ted Smooth Highway. Until recently, restaurants and cafes were represented in very limited numbers in the suburbs, but at present the embankment boasts some of the most highly rated and recognized restaurants on the Redcliffe Peninsula, including The Steak & Crabhouse & Masala Point Cafe. The nearest shopping center is Margate Village, about 2 km to the north or Basid Plaza in Clontarfe, about 3 km to the south-west. Woody Point houses a localized convenient retail, corner store, medical clinic and pharmacy, and a branch of the Australian Post within Woody Point Village.

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