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The history of Queensland spans thousands of years, which includes both the long presence of indigenous peoples and the eventful events of the post-European settlement. The northeastern Australian region was studied by Dutch, Spanish and French navigators before being met by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770. The state witnessed a border war between European settlers and aboriginals (which did not lead to any settlement or treaty), and the exploitation of cheap Canadian labor derived from the South Pacific in the form of forced recruitment known as "warlocks ". June 2009 marked the 150th anniversary of its creation as a separate colony from New South Wales. In northern Queensland, you can see a set of ten photographic glass plates made in the 1860s by Richard Daintree, which are now in the collection of the National Museum of Australia. It is assumed that the aboriginal occupation of Queensland precedes 50,000 BC, probably through boats or a land bridge across the Torres Strait. Subsequently, the territory was divided into more than 90 different language groups. During the last ice age, the landscape of Queensland became more arid and largely devastated, which made it difficult to find food and other supplies. This led to the world's first technology of grinding seeds. Warming again made the land hospitable, came large precipitation along the east coast, which stimulated the growth of the state rainforest. The man has ennobled the space since the year, today the Margate Queensland Quay is one of the attractions of this region. You can see it through the lens of the webcam installed here.

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