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Nuuk is the city, the capital of the self-governing territory of Greenland, as well as the center of the former commune of the same name within the territory of West Greenland. Until 1979, the name Gothab was officially used; Also, in the sources of the late XIX - early XX century, there are the names Godtaab and Godthab. The population is 17,000 people.

Greenland is a large island and autonomous territory of Denmark. The island is washed by the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Most of its surface is covered with ice. The bulk of the small population of Greenland lives on the rugged fjords coast, where there is no ice. Particularly densely populated southwest. The island is located in the north, partly beyond the Arctic Circle, therefore it is characterized by such natural phenomena as the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter.

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