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Веб камера Монастырь босых кармелитов

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Opposite the Church of Saint Wojciech on a hill a little away from the historic centre of poznań, there is another Holy place – the monastery complex of the Discalced Carmelites and the Church of St. Joseph. Carmelites – the friars of the order, which appeared in the XII century during the March of the Christians to the East. It was founded on mount Carmel in Palestine, hence its name. And the Discalced Carmelites were called because took a vow of poverty and wear the simplest shoes - sandals. The Poznan monastery on the hill was erected a long time. The first stone in its Foundation was laid in 1685, and then for a hundred years in building, being finished, remodeled, and decorated interiors. In the beginning of XIX century the representatives of Prussia, who ruled Poznan, expelled the monks and took their property. Eight days believers were in the temple and monastery, trying to defend their Shrine. This resistance to the authorities in what have not resulted. The monastery was first turned into a military hospital, then to the barracks, and the temple was used as a warehouse for straw for horses. A few years later the Church was saved from desecration. It was given to Lutherans. Long time visitors of the Church of St. Joseph was the Prussian soldiers and their families. In 1831 the Protestant walled up on the facade niches intended for statues of saints, brought from the temple and all the altars created in the interior of the gallery. Only in 1945 Discalced Carmelites returned to the monastery and the Church of St. Joseph. For 20 years of continued restoration of the Shrine. Finally, it opened its doors to the faithful. Currently working at the monastery Seminary and the publishing house of the order.

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