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The beaches in the Resort does not have a developed infrastructure. On one side there a small mountain climb, a trail to the coast, on the other hand clean sea and fine pebbles. Attract the attention of the beaches for their cleanliness, remoteness from large concentrations of people, unlike the city's coastline, here there is always somewhere to lie down, the only drawback would be the lack of cabanas and many other important attributes of a beach holiday. On the other hand if you prefer a secluded vacation, this is the most amazing and beautiful place for you. If you doubt in your choice, turn on a web camera installed here and verify yourself in the presence of a huge space exclusively for you and your loved ones. Web camera broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time, you can watch beautiful sunsets in this location, but after dark, the visibility is almost zero. Amazing view opens from the place where you installed the webcam, the sea surface is pleasing shades from light blue to bright blue. There is also a small stick, if you want to dive. The right camera captures a small industrial area, where customize boats and where people go on sea fishing.

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