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Railway station in Feodosiya is a little different from other stations. There are no attractions, but if you're new in town and don't know which side of the entrance, where approaching trains and where is the Parking, the webcam is a great tool to find useful information at the entrance to the facility. Webcam installed so that the picture was as complete as possible, that is ultimately embraced the territory of the object. The video quality is excellent, in addition to the image, you can include videos to better understand the atmosphere of these places. From the web camera are all strategic objects of the railway station, including Parking, Peron, a hall for waiting passengers. The device operates in real time around the clock, but at night the distance and poor lighting significantly spoil the quality of a given pictures. Web camera details almost impossible to see the people, but in General the situation can be traced, clearly visible Peron, so if you are late for the train can control its arrival via webcam.

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