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Gagra became the all-Soviet resort many decades ago. Architectural style is characterized by pavilion houses specially designed for parks, as architects try to make an ideal whole location of the city and the natural landscape. The embankment of the Black Sea in the city and on its coast stretches for several tens of kilometers. Unlike Sochi, it is not filled with shops, where there is very little space left for holidaymakers. There is enough sandy beach, and all cafes and other institutions are far from the sea, which is very convenient. The Soviet government sponsored the construction of numerous sanatoria, bridges (monuments of civil architecture) and other complex objects. This is an amazing place for a quiet rest, where friendly people live, ready to please you in everything. The only disadvantage of recreation here can be considered a poorly developed infrastructure. Gagra poorly restored, the city is in ruins, but perhaps this is its main charm. You can see the embankment and its advantages through the lens of the webcam. It was installed Tutu not so long ago and the broadcast is already popular all over the world. The picture quality is excellent if there is a stable connection to the network. The webcam allows not only to see the architectural features of the object, but also the weather conditions in the city in real time.

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