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In Russia there are many cities where you certainly want to come to visit. Especially popular in summer are South of the city, located closer to the sea. Here vacationers are arriving with hundreds of people a day to bask in the sun, swim in the sea, see the sights. The best place for lovers of excursions are the Gagra, where the Abkhaz flavor makes for an unforgettable stay. If you've never been to this place and not know where to next go on vacation, be sure to see streets with palms in Gagra, who are today widely reported on the Internet. Stream is served with installed web cameras around the clock, the device covers not only the street and the vegetation on it, but also the roadway, walkway paving, buildings, and more. This is one of the unique opportunities to appreciate the beauty of a described place without spending extra money. To activate the stream enough to have the Internet and a device capable of receiving video signal. The camera though is working around the clock in the night time picture quality varies due to the lack of the device to night mode. Thanks to the numerous lights you can still see the night, but you can see the area on the screen difficult.

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