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Koktebel is a village which is located on the East side of the Crimea, between Sudak and Feodosiya on the coast Koktebelsky wide Bay of the Black sea. Near the village stands the extinct volcano Karadag, which here prevails a special atmosphere, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Here a special microclimate: it is formed under the influence of the warm sea, lower mountains and near the desert. This leads to the existence of clear air saturated with the aroma of wormwood and refreshed by light breezes. Today Koktebel is one of the most famous black sea resorts. There are guest houses and resorts. A plant of vintage wines and cognacs. In addition, located in the vicinity of Koktebel wild beach attracts lovers of nudism from all over the former Soviet Union. To see what the sea there is no need to immediately buy a ticket, just turn on the web camera, transmitting the image to the whole world on the Internet. The city is famous for the festivals held there, not only the panorama of the sea. Every fall there are fans of modern art and jazz, to boast of their own skill, besides what autumn is getting at times, when the facility attracts tango lovers for competitions. The most beautiful picture of the panorama of the sea appears in front of Internet users during sunset or sunrise. In these moments, the sea surface is illuminated by the many shades of red, all the sea like a burning fire nepomucenum. To see this beauty today there is no need to spend money to buy a ticket, enough to have a good network connection and a device for receiving a video signal. After sunset, the picture is dark and impenetrable, the only boat visible from the sea thanks to their marker lights. If you want to see the sea in all its beauty then take a little free time in the morning, afternoon and evening, the pictures will change and you'll never see something similar.

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