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On the territory of Russia is not only snow-capped mountains, taiga and impassable swamps which in Europe is usually associated the nation, but the black sea coast, beaches which every year are crowded with tourists from different parts of the country. In Koktebel every year come beach lovers not only because there is beautiful nature and warm, gentle sunshine, but also because in the city the beaches are fully equipped for the needs of tourists, despite their apparent savagery. One of the attractions of this area of Crimea is Voloshin's square in the background of the Kara Dag mountain, come here to enjoy the spectacle, enjoy the silence. The facility is equipped for the needs of tourists, the city administration was installed benches, created a small Park area, supplied shops with Souvenirs and so on. Of course, in connection with the recent fears in recent years, the number of tourists greatly reduced, but the property attempts to return the flow of tourism, that's why on the territory of the square were installed a web camera that allows any Internet user a unique view, especially during sunset. After the sun fully sit down to discern the details of anything in the picture is difficult due to the lack of necessary amount of light. Stream free access, every user of the Internet could see and evaluate the benefits of this resort place. The installation of web cameras allowed the person to travel without borders in a matter of seconds, you can now easily go to one country and after a couple of minutes in another while not spending any additional funds.

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