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About webcam "The city from height of bird's flight" in the city Simferopol

Any city with a bird's flight seems to be completely different, it is possible to assess the true extent of the buildings and see its beauty. Today on the Internet there are many cities that you can view from a height, was no exception and the Crimean Sevastopol, whose territory extends for several hundred kilometers in circumference. If earlier the network users had the opportunity to explore the cities of the world only by the pictures, posted online, today, thanks to technological advances, they can observe a variety of objects in real-time. Web camera installed in the city helps not only to evaluate urban architecture, it gives a lot of other useful information, for example, the political situation in the country, weather conditions. Stream absolutely free, no matter in which city of the world you see. If you are unable to travel on your own, then just turn on the stream from the webcam and expand it to full screen, feel the spirit of this place, enjoy the show, which demonstrates the camera for you and millions of people in other countries. This virtual trip takes much less time, and pleasure from him as much.

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