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Ice rink at STK them. A. A. Stepanov – not just an ice rink! It is the largest ice rink in the city! Rink, the ice quality which will satisfy even the most demanding of Amateur ice skating. Skating rink where you don't have to crowd, pushing each other. Rink, where any turn will be similar to the long jump... Ice rink at STK them. A. A. Stepanova indeed the largest in Togliatti. This denial of expression: "size doesn't matter". You stand on the skates, around you are dozens riding people, whose cheeks burn with a blush. You can not ride? They can teach you! Holidaymakers will always be the "teacher" that will not leave you in the lurch. Or maybe it is your significant other? Who knows. Precedents already were, even before the wedding came... That's really really – sport unites people. The season of skating at the biggest rink in the city opens in early December. Together with the season start competitions, draws of prizes and gifts, quizzes, theme nights and just a pleasant pastime. With the exception of days when the sports-technical complex field for battles, "ice" knights of the Speedway, the rink is open daily, closing on the break to restore the ice surface and to carry out all necessary maintenance work.

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