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In Ukraine still there are City councils which, by their administrative functions are replacing traditional us municipal administration. Typically, this high-rise building with lots of offices within which people decide the most mundane things. To see town Council-the town Hall in the city of Chernivtsi with a web camera, which provides around the clock coverage of the object. In the frame in real time enters the entrance to the building and its grounds. If you look closely you can see the direction of movement of the cars on the two lane road, Parking near the object, and a sidewalk path. The webcam allows you to stay in the loop, no matter where you are. Stream is fed without interruption, it is sufficient to have at hand a device for receiving a video signal. The quality of the communication will directly depend on how the Internet works, but in most cases, the picture is fed to the screen without interruption. At nightfall, it becomes difficult to distinguish the details of the building and surrounding area, all because the work stops, and the required number of lights on city Hall property no.

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