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It is because Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world, on its site built a large airport, which receives daily dozens of flights from around the world. The airport is located in Mexico city, the country's capital, it occupies a vast territory on which are mounted the terminals to pick up passengers, runways, industrial areas and other necessary buildings. As the object on whose territory is strictly prohibited the admission of foreign persons, the airport attracted the attention of adventurers. Similar interest in some cases threatens the safety and lives of people, so there was a webcam, a picture to share. Now anyone can see what is the airport, located on its premises of the building, what time come here and fly planes. No classified information webcam not issue, so you are free to observe the work object during the day. The device transmits video in real time around the clock, but with the onset of darkness becomes visible only on the runway, the planes and the burning window terminals. If you turn on the stream, will be able to estimate the size of the area occupied by the airport, as well as the quality and modernity of buildings. Standing on the ground to see the object from this angle is impossible, the webcam gives you a unique opportunity to obtain additional useful information. If you look closely you can see the everyday work inside the airport, it is the space which is available only to employees and people getting on the plane.

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