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The territory of Mozambique comes not so many tourists. Basically, those who like to get new experience from life, visited other more developed countries. A big problem in the country is water, even in the center for constant pressure it is necessary to install a water tower. On buildings in the 33 floor roof are special tanks, the water here pokachivaetsya time to time as consumed. Tourists should know that in the country there live people of all faiths, all of them peaceful and get along well with each other. After coming here, it is necessary to determine where markets. Generally, this is always one object in the territory of which there is a separate market for all types of cookware, firewood and food. The primary fuel for restaurants in Mozambique firewood, it should be used as the food cooked on fire. To see the country stay within their own apartment, simply activate the live broadcast installed there in the cities of Webcams. Watch camera can any Internet user they are totally free enough to have a good network connection. in online mode, you can explore the country and see the real life of the local population. This possibility helps you to learn more about Mozambique, thus eliminating the need to go there on vacation. You should know that to buy meat in the country is almost impossible, but to trade him for something if there is really something valuable to offer to the local population.

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