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China is a country that used to live with the latest technology, a trip here is a storm of emotions which come to mind after a holiday. Here people used to work hard, but they also love to landscape your city, that's why there is something to admire, especially the huge number of skyscrapers. If you have no opportunity to go to Shanghai, but you wonder how the city looks in real time, enable the web camera making the picture available. In the afternoon you will be amazed by the scale of construction activity in the roads around the skyscrapers in the city centre, but the most surprising spectacle awaits after sunset. It is at this time lighted millions of lamps and lighting, the city appears before you in a completely different form, it doesn't just glow, he's playing you a variety of colors. The web camera installed on one of the buildings so that you can see the maximum that may show a normal webcam. In Russian cities you'll never see such a sight, so don't waste time, start the stream and enjoy what he saw.

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