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India is known for its religious customs and strict compliance with the rules. Here in large quantity annually attracts crowds of tourists not only get a quality stay for a small price, but also enjoy temples, culture and food. The Church is a separate issue of the country's development, interest in them was caused not only a feature of religion, but also architectural delights, dominant in appearance. The temple of Radha-Parthasarathi – an amazing and incredible spectacle, it's a must to visit if you are on a visit to new Delhi. For those who are not going to India or can't go there for some reason, we offer a great alternative. As you can see the object in real time without leaving your home, so that people could enjoy the view of the Church and to appreciate its advantages, in front of the object, it was decided to install a web camera, the lens aimed at the front door. The device works round the clock, stream can watch any country of the world online, you only need to have a stable network connection. The webcam gives a clear picture, the lens is a bit removed from the main gate, this was done in order for the user to be able to see the Church full-size. If you look closely, you will notice the predominance of the two colors on the walls: brick and white. They are organically among themselves combine to create the attractive appearance of the structure. The temple is built in an unusual architectural style, to find such a building even in India almost impossible. Web camera works at night, but it is missing night mode.

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