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The beaches of Bali Island, Changgu resort are amazing white sand, amazing relief and clear water. Looking at the nature it seems that all the shades are perfectly matched among themselves, and the green here is quite different, saturated and the sea of ​​amazing blue. If you do not believe in all that said, then the best way to check is to activate this broadcast, which goes to the beach and captures the long coastline. There are fewer visitors here, and in real-time broadcasting, each user has the opportunity to see how many tourists for each month of the year gather in this place. The width of the coastline is very convenient, some hotels have their own chaise longue, in the morning almost no one at sea can be. But it's not very convenient to swim here, because of the distance, the height of waves is difficult to appreciate, in fact, it is an ideal place for surfers or those who just want to sunbathe. Waves are really very much and they interfere with swimming. To relax with children is completely not suitable, so some just go swimming in the hotel in the pool. This is an ideal place for lovers of vegetarian cuisine and yoga. There are places for lovers to taste the delights of local cuisine. All dishes are unusual and bright taste. It is a pity that all this web camera can not convey.

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