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Jordan – a country which every year comes a huge number of pilgrims. They are interested in the Christian churches from different eras, and in recent years there have been opened earlier, built of mud brick. Jordan mentioned in the Qur'an, the most ancient excavations here date back to the past 7 thousand years. this is an amazing place for architects, historians, art critics, but people flock here from all over the world for different reasons and each pursues their own goals, including a comfortable stay, peace. The unique nature of the country, you can find majestic mountains and forests, whose verdure never lack, rocks and even the desert. Travel companies are actively offering the rest of Jordan and it is really a good choice if you are aiming to gain many new experiences. With the development of technical progress it has become possible to make a virtual journey through the territory of Jordan. Installed web cameras serves in the Internet the live broadcasts of the different objects, including cultural monuments, places of gathering of large number of tourists, markets, shops and towns. Online watch camera any user of the network, all streams are served in real-time. Some devices have sound, becomes when viewed seen and heard what is happening on the streets. This is a unique opportunity to remotely explore the country, learn the peculiarities of its architecture. This trip will help to decide exactly where you want to go to Jordan, which will save you money and allow you to get the desired impressions of the holiday.

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