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Visitors that come to the Western Wall, almost always describe a similar feeling: as if together with them are not only worshippers, tourists, pilgrims, families, celebrating a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, the couple and those who came to put little notes with their aspirations in the gap between the sacred stones of the Temple in Jerusalem – but also all those who over the centuries came here, to the Wall, which is today the main Shrine of all Jews in the world. The Wailing wall was part of the most impressive structures ever built in Jerusalem. This is one of the four walls that were built by Herod the Great to support the site in 1 555 000 square feet, on which stood a Temple. It reached almost 1,500 feet long, and its remains still can be seen, descending into underground tunnels under the Wailing Wall. Initially the Temple was about 90 feet tall and left underground for approximately 60 feet.

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