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The beach in the future hotel, where the planned vacation, I would like to see everyone, so as not to be disappointed in the future. It is worth saying that not every hotel is ready to offer such an opportunity, but the beach of the Crystal Bay Beach Resort hotel is available for viewing to any user around the clock. Living on the site, the road from room to water takes only a couple of minutes. Needless to say, here there are small cafes that are perfectly visible through the camera lens. The water is amazingly clean, the coastline is flat and all this is demonstrated by the camera day and night. After sunset, visibility becomes worse due to the lack of lanterns on the beach, but in the daytime the beach and beach are perfectly visible. A few meters from the shore the water is crystal clear, the depth is small, so from this perspective you can even see the sea inhabitants floating nearby. A local restaurant with a view of the bay almost completely falls into the frame, though due to the removal of people to consider close will not work. The web camera works around the clock, the picture is available to any user for free.

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