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если трансляция не началась, выберите ее в верхнем левом углу

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On the territory of Thailand, many different restaurants with local and traditional European cuisine. Among them, not the least is the restaurant Tropical Murphys, where you will be treated not only to delicious food, but will also offer a variety of entertainment programs. It is easy to spend a merry evening, the institution offers you a huge number of beers, fine music and even billiards. The restaurant manager does not do anything special to attract customers, but the atmosphere here is friendly and fun. Inside, all the attendants are local people, but they are fluent in English. Problems with communication should not arise, there is a street arbor where you can enjoy not only the original dishes, but also the sea breeze. So that everyone could see what a restaurant represents, there was a web camera installed. Broadcast is served in the network around the clock, with stable Internet, there are no interruptions with the picture. In the afternoon, when the territory in front of the entrance is clearly visible through the lens, it can be seen that there are practically no free tables here. This place is loved not only by tourists, but also by local people. The camera shows the outside of the restaurant, that is, tables on the street. The interior remains hidden from view, but the number of people is not difficult to guess that there are enough visitors. Even with the onset of darkness, the picture remains clear, and all thanks to the large number of lamps.

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