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Lately it became popular to give access to the internal surveillance cameras. Thus cafes, bars, shops popularitybut their activities, try to make it public. In Istanbul this webcam is installed at the Shoe store. If you look closely, you can see not only the interior design but also walk-in customers, the proposed model of shoes and bags. The webcam delivers the broadcast in real time around the clock, but after the store closed actually remains not see. Sometimes even amusing to observe how customers make their choices, some of them spend here no one hour before you make the purchase and it is not casual. Shop a huge selection of different models, so people difficult to navigate and succumb to your desires. If your friend is in there right now, you can easily see it, alas, even if he'll wave a hand, he will not notice. Slightly degrades the picture quality in bright light, reflected off the tiled floor. It creates unnecessary glare reflected on the walls and the product.

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