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In Turkey a special relationship to religion, it is not part of the state and freedom of religion was given to all residents. Despite this loyal attitude of most of the local population are Muslim, therefore, Turkey has some amazing beautiful mosques. One of them is in Istanbul, the blue mosque, or Sultan Ahmet Camii attracts the attention of tourists of different religions. It is a unique building framing which is breathtaking as the exterior design. To see an object there is no need today to travel around the country, computer and Internet will be enough to appreciate the architectural design and scale of the building. At a short distance in front of the building have been installed the webcam, who supply the online broadcast. You can look at it anywhere in the world, you just have to show interest to the object. Web camera covers completely the mosque, only with such a perspective begin to understand how much work it took to create something like that. If a more detailed look at the stream, you will see in the background the sea, in front of the greenery, while in the centre of the mosque itself. Here you can see all six towers and the main building, at night you see a completely different picture. The building it was decided to otdelenov light, whereby an object can be seen at any time of the day. Webcam gives the stream completely free, it is a wonderful opportunity to see the Blue mosque, even if you are not able to personally come into the country. A web camera can become a helper if you need to know the weather conditions in Turkey, the device operates in real-time.

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