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To see Istanbul not only arriving in this bustling city, but now just turning on a web camera installed here. Such a panorama from the height available was not before everyone, now anyone can enjoy the spectacle. In the foreground supplied pictures of the huge building, which is still being finished, driveway and one of the areas of the city. If you look closely, you can see in the background one of the modern districts of Istanbul, on the territory of which a huge number of shopping centers. A lot of solutions that web camera also captures traffic on them is not very intense, but not always. The device operates around the clock, and the picture is served in real time, so you will always be aware of weather conditions in Istanbul. When the sun to examine in detail the city becomes difficult, visible only traveling on roads machines and lighting at the shops, apartments. It is possible to assess the scale of the city that are not so visible when you are standing on one of the streets.

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