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About webcam "The area on the shores of the Bosphorus" in the city Istanbul

The area on the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul – a massive construction site, which is actively conducted, and which can be seen today not coming into the country and just turning on your computer webcam. There's a constant aliveness, workers, trucks and it's hard not to wonder at such scale. On one site a huge shopping complexes, the building is not only high, but large volume. To illuminate the life of the complex there was a webcam at the height of bird flight. The only way was able to almost completely cover the object. The device works in real time around the clock, wherever we are, it is enough to have a good Internet connection to see how everything is going. At dusk, all the action stops and the object freezes. To see anything on the camera becomes impossible due to the lack of concentrated and powerful light sources.

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