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In Turkey people come not only to enjoy the warm sea and clean beaches, there are many attractions of a religious nature, they just attract some tourists. It is known that Turkey is a Muslim country, Istanbul has the Hagia Sophia, where dwells every year a large number of believers. The project site occupies little space, there is Park area and the main building for visitors and fountains. You own eyes in real time to see the Cathedral and enjoy the beauty that appears before your eyes. It is unique in its own spectacle, the object appears before your eyes like a castle from a fairy tale, it is a pity that not everyone can come here. Web camera mounted in front of the Cathedral is not just a source of additional information about the country and its attractions, it helps to overcome distances. People with disabilities can now travel the world without leaving their own room. The device was mounted so that the photo the main entrance to the Cathedral. A small distance from the object allows you to more clearly present a picture of how the landscaped area around the building. Webcam working around the clock in real time, if necessary, the broadcast picture can be enlarge to full screen computer or phone. To view the videos at any place and any country where it is possible to connect to the network. At night the Cathedral is illuminated and before the user is presented a completely different picture.

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