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It's amazing to watch how many cameras there are in the modern world. For example, we easily find quite interesting camera options that have been installed in the vastness of cities around the world recently, and occasionally we come across quite old, but quite stable cameras. For example, one of these is a camera in a town called Hanoi. Thanks to it, we can now closely watch the most active and wildly growing shopping district. Here there are spacious markets and the largest number of shops are concentrated. It's true that you will not be able to see all the splendor of the quarter, because only a small part of connecting roads is accessible to the survey, but even this may be quite enough. We immediately hurry to warn you that the camera here is not the most modern, so the picture is transmitted in a slideshow format with a periodicity of 6 seconds. But on the other hand it is quite interesting and effective, especially if you want to somehow consider all the available details and try to draw certain conclusions from the observation. Another unpleasant moment is a black-and-white shade of observation, but this should not seriously disturb you, since the picture is transmitted quite clearly and with high resolution. Therefore, in any case, you will have the opportunity to carefully observe all the available elements of the street. It is especially interesting to observe this place in the daytime, when the market is simply crowded with people and scooters. Such a high activity can at first frighten, but do not worry, because just such a fuss creates pleasant impressions of the game process. It remains only to spend a little time studying the available content and just get a lot of fun.

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