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The coast of the South China sea is a wonderful beauty of nature, there are white sand beaches perfect contrast with the blue water and emerald greens on its territory. Nha Trang in Vietnam is one of the most visited cities and is famous for its high-quality coastline which is hard not to appreciate, having gone here on a trip. If you've never been to the country, I suggest you enjoy the first broadcast in real time from the coast of Vietnam. Video will help you to decide. Is this place the haven where you would like to spend a vacation. In the frame of the lens hits a small area on the coastline, from here the user can see the gentle slope, the horizon line and weather conditions. The webcam works around the clock to watch it online, you will need only a network connection. While browsing is to navigate to the time zone, the web camera does not have a night mode, so the video preview night will give the user the minimum of useful information.

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