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Park Everton is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It's about eight kilometers north of the CBD in Brisbane. This suburb is predominantly a residential area, with more than a quarter of the population living in semi-detached and denser dwellings. The Fernie Hills Development Association also documents early history, a later book entitled "From Bunyavilla to the West" is available, which describes the history of the Everton Park. It was created as part of the celebrations of Brisbanes Q150. Local schools include Everton Park State High School, Everton State Elementary Primary School, Northern Christian College. The southern pine road and the old north road are the main transport corridors that pass through the suburbs to Brisbane. They are served by several bus services in Brisbane. Many passengers also ride or ride nearby stations in Geithorn, Mitchellton and Oxford Park. There are also many local bike paths, the overall plan is to improve the east-west transmission capacity connecting the north-western suburbs with the Australian TradeCoast. You can look at the park without coming here through the webcam lens, which is available to the user around the clock in real time.

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