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Young naturalists will find a lot of useful information in this broadcast. You have a unique opportunity to observe in real time where ever you are, with the nest of an Albatross. The idea to install web cameras with round the clock stream in the network is not only opposite attractions of the world scale, but also in other places, came to mind of people at once. Today, the device can be found in the port and near the old district and even in the cage of the tiger. This is to ensure that our world has become more open to people with disabilities. This camera gives a stream without a hitch, most importantly, the user has a quality connection to the network. Albatrosses even at the lens is behaving in a familiar environment, surprisingly, it is possible to observe their habits and not to leave the walls of his home. at a later time the picture quality deteriorates because of the lack of night mode, after sunrise, the picture becomes quite clear. The lens is very close to the nest, so in breeding season you can watch the Albatross as parents.

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