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What is remarkable about Austria? Worldwide it is known as one of the countries where people come for quality and comfort. The main direction of tourism ski slopes equipped with the latest technology they have a high bandwidth, so on tracks of never turns. In General, the infrastructure in the resorts as the country developed, people offer not only a well-equipped ski slopes, but also trained coaches, equipment rental, hotel rooms and even private cottages for accommodation. Holiday in Austria can be very expensive and within the permissible level for a person with average income. To see the beauty of nature and comfort of some of the resorts in their territory were installed a web camera. One such device is directed to a Ski resort, the hotel Alpengasthof Tannenalm, where it is necessary to pre-book a place for vacation. The webcam works around the clock, all coming to your computer screen the information is accurate, images are captured in real-time, weather and wind speed can be determined according to video from the scene. in the night time web Cam ceases to work, but the quality is deteriorating due to the lack of a device to night mode. The best time to review the resort after daybreak, when light becomes sufficient to consider in detail the object. Watch the video, anyone can network, it is enough to have a great Internet connection and a device perceives a video signal and reproducing it. Online you will be able to learn enough to decide the future of recreation.

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