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Austria is known worldwide for its ski resorts, but it's not all that the modern traveler can find in its territory. The state offers a lot of new things every year for the tourists coming here, including sightseeing in different cities of the country, to walk along the quays, enjoy the local food, taste the temptations of the night in clubs and entertainment centers of the capital. Most of the cities of Austria are covered through the lens of a web camera installed on their territory, without exception and Leominster, infrastructure sufficiently developed to ensure that every year make hundreds of thousands of tourists in the hotel. The main strategic object of city is the river, its length,width and depth can be viewed online, like to see a city river embankment Kenwater in real-time. The webcam is directed to the object so that the user can get maximum of useful information to discern the features of the waterfront and appreciate its benefits. At night, the device continues to broadcast live to the whole world, only because of the remoteness and the paucity of bright light, the picture changes dramatically. The best time to explore the waterfront, the day when all the features of its architecture are perfectly visible from the screen of your computer. Webcam captures water surface of the river, the approaches to it, areas for walking and surrounding the building. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the real weather in the city, to determine whether this place in your travel plan.

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