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In Austria a huge number of different scale and affordability of ski resorts. Every year, it attracts more than a thousand people from all over the world to enjoy the descents, nature and fresh air. Of course, similar resorts in other countries, but that Austria is famous for the best deals. The resort in Obergurgl enjoys no less popular than any other in Austria. Now to assess its benefits you can just going on a trip. It's enough to have at hand computer and Internet access to enable live broadcasting from the facility in real time. The device covers almost completely the resort, and that means in the picture are slopes, lifts and residential buildings, office buildings. Webcam is the perfect companion to see the weather, all the information is one hundred percent reliable. In addition, thanks to the device you can fully appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of coverage. The camera was running throughout the day, at night the picture quality deteriorates considerably, lit be only those places where there is a light source. You can compare this resort with others who have also installed the webcam and decide where to go on vacation.

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