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Austria is a country that is world famous for its ski slopes. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy a relaxing holiday, active lifestyle, culture and hospitality of this country. The local government and residents have made every effort to create in the majority of cities most favorable conditions for the development of tourism business. On the territory of Salzburg has everything: cafes, spas, tent inventory, the ability to hire a coach, hotel rooms and more. Slopes here are well-equipped with everything you need, including high-level security of the skiers. Of course, not only in Austria there are resorts where tourists can enjoy winter sports, but today you have the option of not coming into the country to see and appreciate all advantages of this place. For network users on the territory of the ski slope has been installed the webcam, a picture broadcast round the clock in real time, therefore, this is a great opportunity not only to evaluate the appearance of the resort, but also weather conditions. The webcam delivers the broadcast to the whole world, just to have on hand a device for perception and reproduction of a signal and a connection to the Internet. The picture submitted on your computer screen quite clear and sharp, to be exploded to explore the covered territory. At night the picture quality is much worse due to the lack of focused light source below the camera and surrounding area.

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