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About webcam "Sovetskaya Street" in the city Brest

The city of Brest on the territory of Belarus can not be called a resort, but this does not mean that he is not interested in people around the world. The main feature of all the cities of this country is not only a special atmosphere and flavor, but loyalty to old customs, time, gone far ahead. Here we have tried to keep everything left in the legacy of the ancestors if to compare with the capital of our country, Moscow has long been rebuilt, it is filled with high-rise building with modern architecture, old districts, where there are more houses built before the war, gradually replacing the shopping malls. In Belarus there are a lot of streets with old buildings, they restaurerede and stored as part of the heritage. To see one of them can be installed on-site webcam. The device operates in real time, meaning that the screens the user is served the latest information about what is happening. The stream is freely available, it is absolutely free. The web camera does not stop working and at night, city street, all also reviewed on the computer screen, but surprising and amazing playing neon lighting architecture.

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