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On the territory of our planet has a huge variety of cities, but areas not all preserved ancient street which has been decided by the administration not to alter. Ghoul to soak up the atmosphere of the past time, you are surrounded by not only paving, but building with preserved architecture. In the city Brest, which is the property of Belarus, these old streets are. Though the country is not positioned as a resort, here too the travelers come to assess the quality of life, see the sights, local cuisine and much more. The President of the country to strictly ensure that the country cherished legacy from our ancestors. Buildings and structures that have cultural value, restaurerede with minimal losses. In order to see what the city looks like you do not have to buy here a ticket, enough to have a computer and access to the Internet. Webcam installed here broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time. In the night time picture broadcasting becomes a little worse, all because the device is removed from the area to be able to cover more space. The user will see all events, but to examine in detail anything difficult.

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