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In childhood we strove to understand the world around them, dreaming of how to follow the tigers, climb the highest mountains, to see birds ' nests, swim by boat in search of new adventures. Only ten percent of the children were able to realize their own dreams and become the researchers, all the rest have to live in a metropolis and to go on nature only at the weekend. Needless to say that many will never see rare birds due to the lack of zoos in the city, not Pat the camel and look how beautiful and majestic Amur tiger. Despite all these sad comments, technical progress has given man the opportunity to expand his horizons now to look at the world around them through the lens of the camera. any Internet user can benefit from the opportunity to see a Falcon-Kestrels, on the contrary it has been installed webcam. Stream is conducted round the clock only at night, because of the lack of bright light the picture is worsening. This is a unique opportunity in real time to see how the bird behaves in the familiar environment. The picture will help your child to make a quality report, and perhaps the whole study. You can follow the Falcon for several months, since the appearance in the nest of eggs until hatching Chicks.

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