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The Central square in the city of Grodno, which is located on the territory of Belarus, is used by the authorities as a place where public events are held. At the beginning of its installation building area is calculated in such a way as to accommodate as many local residents. Flat ground, at a time when it is not being used, is a place where the youth come for roller skating and Biking. From the height on which the web camera area on the palm. Hence it can be seen surrounding the building and car Park. The device covers a large area, but due to the removal of the lens be considered in detail will be difficult object. To see the facility can be made online, using phone or computer with connection to the Internet. Stream daily, a web camera is not able to turn, so the angle is always the same. The player through which the stream is reproduced, it is possible to enlarge the image to full screen. The photo quality is very pleasing, clarity and brightness of the picture helps the user to examine an object in detail. Stream accessible to people from different countries and cities in the night time visibility is reduced and the lack of night mode and enough light source in the area.

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