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Today Minsk is the capital of Belarus, this city was founded about 900 years ago. The Holy spirit Cathedral and the Church of St. Peter and Paul, Trinity Suburb - an example of urban architecture of the last century, Independence square with its government building and Red Roman Catholic Church, Victory square with its 38-m obelisk and the Eternal flame commemorating the heroes of world war II , parks and modern architectural ensembles. Minsk is the city where you can find the best museums and exhibitions of Belarusian cultural heritage, theaters, world famous Belarusian ballet. In addition it is not only the cultural centre but also a major industrial hub. Each district has its own characteristics, there is only an industrial region, and there are those where more focused entertainment. You can see a used car in real time, using established there webcam. Local residents, this stream may seem quite useful, especially if they wish to buy a car. In the frame of the web camera enters the territory of the salon and available vehicle. The choice is big enough, it is possible to look in advance to the car and not to waste their time.

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