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Some people never get tired of watching the sea and think from different angles and in different cities it is different. In Alushta there is also the sea that you can come to see in the summer. In the summer people tend during the holiday season to enjoy the sea breeze, swim in the bubbly waves, soak up the sun. Few people know that you can now see the panorama of the sea not only in summer but anytime of the year without leaving home. Webcam installed, covers one of the bays with rock. You can see how the height of the waves changes with the weather, as the wind swings them and hits the rocks. There is a small stone ledge where people often just sit and watch the sea surface. When the sun and the visibility is better and see not only the coastline, but Maritime transport. Webcam working around the clock in real time, so you will always know what weather conditions currently in Alushta. At night you see nothing but distant lights in the rest of the time, after sunrise you can enjoy the view. If you still think sea is the same everywhere, turn on more web cameras installed in different countries of the world and check back.

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