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The beaches of Mizhvodne is a vast area where people come to enjoy the vacation. Here not only clean, but the area equipped for campers, so they feel the whole holiday period comfortable. To see the benefits of beaches, turn on the webcam aimed at the water and coastal space. You will be able to consider in more detail before arriving the quality of the beach, availability, shops and more. Web camera broadcasting the image around the clock in real time helps to estimate the height of the ox and other weather conditions, which is important if you are going to relax with the kids. During sunset you can see an unforgettable sight, but after that the picture quality deteriorates significantly. On the territory of the beaches there is not enough light to be able to cover life night life vacationers. The beaches of Mizhvodne will delight you with its hospitality, warm water and white sand. Due to the large amount of free space you can not just sunbathing, but also to keep active and to play football, volleyball and other amusing games. The boat ramp is great for families with children. He is gentle, and therefore can not be afraid for the child, but to let him go alone to the water or without a circle is not worth it.

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