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Evpatoria has gained its popularity due to the latest events in the world, she became interested in the people around the world as a place where you can get comfortable and not very expensive holiday on the coast of the beautiful sea. To draw attention to himself in the city, it was decided to install a web camera, they give people worldwide a clear picture of what it looks like the area of the facility, beach area and other areas that are of interest. Removed almost everything, including pedestrians on the street Karaite. Stream here captures a small area of the street, but shows could not be better approximate the architecture of the city. The webcam became the chief assistant to those people who for some reason are unable to leave their town and go on a journey to explore the culture and traditions of other peoples. Using broadcast applied in real time people can learn a lot of new things to see not only sights, but also ordinary, industrial areas cities, which do not represent tourist value, and therefore go unnoticed. Sometimes it's just fun to watch what people do in everyday life, being in different parts of the world. Installed in the area the webcam is working around the clock in real time, stream is fed into the grid is completely free, you just have to have a good Internet connection and a device receiving the video signal. The recording quality is good, well seen silhouettes of people, but at night, places where there is no illumination from the lights become covered with darkness.

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