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Yevpatoriya became a territory of the Russian Federation, but it generally does not affect its internal arrangement, the atmosphere, the opposite has opened up new opportunities for both tourists and the local population. Today the city offers people from all over the world high-quality and comfortable rest, and the people in it had an opportunity of new income. Evpatoria is different from most Russian cities with a special atmosphere, it seems that here time has stopped and people are back in the Soviet space, when the building was built in one architectural format, but on the streets there were vending machines with soda. In the city there is a very old street has retained its primordial nature, in this unique atmosphere, it feels like stepping back in time. Popular with tourists as a place where you can walk, sit in a cafe or small restaurant on old street Karaite. It stretches through almost the entire city, and to see her now without leaving home, you simply activate it on your computer broadcast from Webcams. The device was mounted in a place that users worldwide have come to know in a limited format a lot of useful information about the illuminated object. Webcam working around the clock, night shot is not terminated, but remains visible only the area of the street, which is under concentrated light sources. A totally free delivers network broadcast in the online mode, after connecting the computer you can safely observe what is happening in the city. All information is operational, this is a unique opportunity to take a virtual tour of Yalta, what's more, you can watch other web cameras, to make up for the picture quality they offer is comfortable.

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