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The main place of remembrance of the victims of fascism in Evpatoria is the memorial "Red hill". The memorial is a kind of wreath around a huge mass grave. In this place were buried about 12 thousand peaceful Empathize, shot by the Germans during the great Patriotic War. Back in 1954 to perpetuate the memory of Evpatoria killed in the years of occupation, the tenth anniversary of the liberation of Evpatoria there was created a memorial complex. The decision of the Crimean regional Executive Committee in 1969, common grave of red hill was taken by the state as a monument of history. In 2001 the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the memorial has a status of historical monument of national importance. In the spring of 2008 work began on the reconstruction of the "red hill", exactly one year later, on May 9, 2009, took place the solemn opening of the renovated memorial. Tiled walkway, perimeter fence with lights, lights and also performed on-site, furnished the entrance to the memorial complex of the great work on the landscaping. The opening was attended by 86-year-old Alexei Kornienko, one of the last surviving participants of the Evpatoria sea landing in 1942. Now on the red Hill in Eupatoria traditionally held annual victory parades, and here all the time people come to honor the memory of the dead. It is highly symbolic that the memorial Red hill is located between Victory Avenue and the street 9 may.

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